Are You Taking Statin Drugs? Maybe Time To Reconsider.

Statin drugs are a 40 Billion dollar a year industry.  These drugs are doled out liberally with the idea that if we lower cholesterol in the blood the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke will be lower.

Patients taking these medications need to consider a few things when taking these meds.

  1. Does the medication really solve the problem it was prescribed for?
  2. Are the medication side effect worth the risk?

Let’s take #1 first: Does cholesterol cause heart attacks and strokes?  High blood lipids might be a problem if certain ratios are out of whack but the whole picture needs to be evaluated as a whole.  Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and VLDL all need to be taken into consideration.

Cardiology magazine published years ago that the most important ratio to be aware of for stroke and heart attack risk was not cholesterol levels but the TG/HDL ratio.

Apart from the ratios,  we need to get behind the cause of plaque formation.  Why would the body put a plaque inside an artery in the first place? 

Scientists have discovered that cholesterol plaques form for two main reasons: nanobacteria and inflammation inside the artery.  The plaque is just a patch on cracked endothelium (the cells that line the inside of the artery).

Doesn’t it make more sense to address the inflammation?

Now #2: Statin risks. There are five:

  1. Dementia.  Statins have been shown to be a causative factor in dementia due to the effect the drug has on the cholesterol sheath around nerve endings.
  2. Muscle pain. Statins cause something called rhabdomyolysis.  Break down of muscle tissue.  In some cases it can be so bad people become permanently disabled or even die from this condition due to kidney failure.
  3. Diabetes. Statins decrease the cellular uptake of glucose and raise blood sugar.
  4. Cancer. Certain kids of cancer risk is increased with statins. If you have a history of cancer in your family this should concern you.
  5. Erectile dysfunction. Because statin drugs interrupt HMG-CoA reductase (the enzyme that forms cholesterol) it also interrupts sex hormone production.  Many relatively young men in their 50’s on stain drugs can no longer maintain an erection and this drug also adversely affect female libido too.

The more you understand how your body works the more you’ll want to change your diet and get on board with natural healing methods.

Using certain herbs can reduce systemic inflammation and reduce stroke / heart attack risk while eliminating the risk of drug side effects.  For more info on how herbs can support vascular function call me. 518-301-5717


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Dr. Joseph Olejak has been working with patients with natural, holistic treatments for over twenty years.

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