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I had the occasion to consult with a patient recently who’d had gum surgery and root canal.  In the past three months she’d been on three separate antibiotics and was having trouble with her digestive system (lots of gas and diarrhea) and chronic swelling her neck lymph nodes.

People these days take antibiotics quite often without realizing the BOTH the downsides and the benefits.  If you need an antibiotic chances are you’ll also need some digestive support.


Not all bacteria are bad.  By some estimates (A recent study out of the Weizmann Institute) we are approximately 50% human cells and 50% bacterial cells.  Yeah, crazy right?  Those symbiotic bacteria (the ones we need and the ones that help us) keep the balance of power in the gut.  When you introduce antibiotics these drugs are non-selective.  They are like a sawed off shotgun.  Broad spectrum.  Wipes out everything in its path.

It can take a long time to restore balance to the gut microbiome … BUT … there are things you can do to reduce symptoms and feel better.

  1. Use a quality probiotic supplement DURING the antibiotic treatment period, but at a different time of antibiotic administration.
  2. Use probiotic foods like yogurt and kombucha
  3. Use complex whole grains like Buckwheat (kasha) and Oats to support the kinds of bacteria you want in the gut.  The species of bacteria vary from one region of the gut to the next.
  4. Avoid foods that are: processed, contain trans fats, are laden with colorings and preservatives, are grown with glyphosate (round up) and have too much sugar.  All of these promote disordered gut bacteria.
  5. Use some kind of digestive support product short term.  The right one depends on which part of your gut is affected.

Choosing the right foods to support gut health, the right supplements and getting better is not just about always being aware of where the closest restroom is, but about being healthy.

Your gut contains most of your immune system and without healthy gut flora you simply can’t be healthy.

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