Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of patients and health problems do you treat?

I have worked with thousands of patients over the last 28 years with a wide variety of different physical ailments who have not found relief in more traditional treatments.

The reason why what we do works where conventional medical (symptom based approaches fail) is because we don’t treat symptoms.  We address functional disturbances in the body and that means taking care of the whole person.

That might include gastrointestinal issues, hormonal problems, weight issues, lack of energy, and many other conditions that symptom based approaches often don’t help. We do that thought the use of traditional herbal remedies that are a “cut above” or pharmaceutical grade products.

Does insurance cover your services?

No, most insurance plans do not cover alternative treatments from Country Doctor Wellness.  If you wish to submit to your insurer or have an HSA (Health Savings Account), we can assist with the paperwork.

Do you have an office?

Now that we have closed the Delmar Wellness Center I do not maintain a regular office.  Generally, I work with patients in their own homes (see my service area here) or we can work over Skype, WhatsApp or the  telephone.  I am also setting up some remote “office” locations working in cooperation with other like-minded practitioners and chiropractors. More on that as it develops.

Do you sell products and remedies?

After many years of research, I have chosen to partner with Standard Process and MediHerb, two companies that manufactures nutritional and herbal remedies in the US and Australia.  They have a very limited distribution in the United States.  My clients get a special log-in code to order the items I recommend and they are drop-shipped directly to them.

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