Every engagement begins with a complimentary initial phone consultation with me.  I want to understand your specific health concerns, issues and symptoms and what treatments you’ve already tried.  We will determine together whether there’s a good fit.  If so, we proceed….

Initial Intake/Comprehensive Exam:  to ensure I have the complete information, you first send me all of your previous medical records, charts, test results before our first meeting.

We spend 45-60 minutes getting in-depth on your history and condition (this can be via phone or Skype if you are out of my service area)  You’ll leave this initial meeting with a printed list of health and lifestyle recommendations.  I am a big proponent of herbal and botanical remedies and we will log on together to the e-commerce site and order the recommended remedies for home delivery.

Follow Up Visit:  About one month after the initial intake, we have a 30-45 minute check-in to see what progress you’ve made with our health recommendations.  We’ll see how the supplements are working for you and make any necessary adjustments.  This visit can be virtual or in-person.

Weight Loss Program:

I’ve found a comprehensive system that really works.  I have guided many patients using this thoroughly-researched progra which includes foods, fuelings, menus, plans.  I guide you and support you through the whole process.

Health Coaching

When you are facing medical issues and just can’t manage it on your own—whether its pre-diabetes, gastro-intestinal troubles, a chronic condition, pain or just facing the vagaries of normal aging—it can be tough to go it alone.  Let me help.  This begins with the standard intake (see above) but then we go to regular weekly check-ins for accountability and goal-setting.

Groups, specialty programs

I am organizing different groups of folks who are struggling with some of the same health issues.  It is so much easier to cope with things if you’ve got the support of other people and with me guiding the conversation.  We will meet VIRTUALLY.

Groups being planned include:

  • People with GI Problems/GERD/IBS/IBD
  • Women 50+
  • Men 50+
  • People with anxiety who don’t want to take meds

Let me know what you might be interested in!


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